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Habistat - Sun/Moon Switch Maximize

Habistat - Sun/Moon Switch


DKK 330,00

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Habistat Sun &amp Moon switch
The Sun &amp Moon Switch is a pair of light activated mains electricity switches. When the switch is in the light, the power will be switched on for one channel and off for the other. In the dark the situation is reversed, the day time on channel is switched off and the night time channel, on.


The difference between the on and off levels has been adjusted so that the unit does not flicker at the triggering point nor will it switch on and off due to minor variations in brightness. Essentially, the unit detects day and night and can therefore switch things on and off that are required during daylight and night time hours respectively. The range of items that can be switched is only limited by a maximum load of 600 watts and the imagination.

Most uses will include switching those things that act like an artificial sun, that is heaters and lights. One of the major advantages of the Sun &amp Moon Switch is that natural day/night cycle is duplicated, including the seasonal variations of long day length summers and short day length winters. The Sun &amp Moon Switch is the ideal unit to switch heaters and lights in sequence with the natural photoperiod.

Because in nature the sun supplies both heat and light, it may be sensible to provide both from the Sun Switch. A simple multi-socket could be used as long as the total load does not exceed a maximum of 600 watts. As the light fades, less powerful heaters and lights are needed. These allow night active but never the less, heat and vision dependent animals to function. The preference for alternative appliances can easily be accomplished with this sophisticated switching unit. Another HabiStat innovation advancing vivarium management and design.