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Exotic Bird watering

The Edstrom Drinking Valves have been used extensively by commercial aviaries and exotic bird breeding facilities across the country for years with great success. Using the Drinking Valve assures a continuous supply of clean, fresh water to the birds. Providing a clean water supply in sanitary dispensers is critical to maintaining the good health of the birds, and the Edstrom Drinking Valve does this for you.

Original Valve

Vari-Flo Valve

In addition to eliminating the labor and time required to clean and change water bottles, producers also report that because they don’t have to enter the breeding rooms as often, the birds' natural activities are less often interrupted.

Both the Vari-Flo Valve and the Original Drinking Valve can be operated by most straight-billed and hooked-billed breeds of birds. The Vari-Flo Valve, with its low actuation force, is the preferred drinking valve for finches and other small birds

The Drinking Valve should be located on the cage side at a height easily accessible by the bird, either standing on a perch or on the cage floor. By mounting the Drinking Valve horizontally, the last drop of water remains in the barrel of the Valve. This small amount of water attracts the birds to the Valve, encouraging them to play with the valve, so they quickly learn how to operate it.

When installed in large flights, it is recommended that one Drinking Valve be provided for every 20 birds. The Valves should be spaced far enough apart to prevent the dominant bird from controlling access to all the Drinking Valves.

The Parrot Valve

For the large birds like parrots, macaws, cockatoos, Edstrom has a large, rugged stainless steel Parrot Valve, 1000-4005. The Parrot Valve has a 1/2 inch mpt connection which can be easily installed in a rigid PVC pipe system using the Tee Adapter Fitting, 1630-2912-001.

Cup Waterers for Poultry

Edstrom also offers a line of Cup Waterers for use with all types of poultry including pigeons, quails, pheasants, doves, and chickens. Models are available which easily adapt to installation in the hobbyist’s facility as well as the commercial production facilities.

Pivoting Stem Cup and clip

The Pivoting Stem Cup Waterer is available with either 1/8 mpt connection, 1000-0867-100, or with the 3/16 barb connection, 1000-1900, for use in a Flex-Tube system. The valve mechanism used in the Pivoting Stem Cup Waterer is identical to the design of the Original Drinking Valve. The bowl of the cup is made of plastic and can be easily removed for cleaning

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