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Water Supply

Water Supply Components

The water being supplied to your Edstrom Automated Watering System must be clean and at a controlled, reduced pressure of 1/2 psi to 5 psi. The normal household or farmstead water system usually operates at a pressure of 20 psi to 60 psi, so your automated watering system cannot be connected directly to the nearest garden hose spigot.
Edstrom offers a selection of components which allow you to supply water continuously at the required reduced pressure. Select the method that best adapts to your facility.

Pressure Regulator Method

A convenient and reliable method of providing water at reduced pressure to your watering system is with a Pressure Regulator. This device connects directly to your house water supply and as water flows through, it reduces high water pressure to the low pressure required for your watering system. The advantage of this method is that it makes your watering system fully automated - no gravity supply tanks to monitor and fill. In addition, because the flow of water is always confined in the pipeline, there is no chance of contamination and there are no open tanks to keep clean.
The Pressure Regulator offered by Edstrom Industries accurately maintains the outlet pressure over a wide flow handling range. The unit is tested and preset at the factory for an outlet pressure of 3 psi; however, the outlet pressure is adjustable from 3/4 psi to 10 psi.

Installation TIP

The Pressure Regulator can be used to supply up to 600 drinking valves. The Pressure Regulator should be mounted at approximately the same level as the drinking valve line to avoid pressure differential due to elevation difference.

Regulator Option 1:

Pressure Regulator, 7450-6114
This Pressure Regulator is designed to connect directly to your garden hose spigot. A 142 micron strainer is built into the inlet garden hose thread fitting. Outlet connections are provided for connecting to either 3/16 inch or 5/16 inch Flex-Tube lines.

Pressure Regulator, 7450-6114

Regulator Option 2:

Basic Pressure Regulator/Filter Station, 7450-5452-001
This station is a wall mountable unit that includes a high capacity flushable filter ahead of the Pressure Regulator. The filter has large cleanable 80 micron screen. (For more details refer to description of Flushable Filter.) A Pressure Gauge provides a visual readout of the operating water pressure. Also included with Regulator/Filter Station is a 10 ft long inlet hose assembly to connect the station to the spigot. Outlet connections are included for 3/16 inch or a 5/16 inch Flex-Tube, or 3/4 inch mpt.

Basic Station, 7450-5452-001

Regulator Option 3:

Deluxe Pressure Regulator/Filter/Injection Port Station, 7450-5452-002
This Deluxe Station is identical to the Basic Station described above except the Deluxe Station includes injection port valves. These valves permit you to turn-off the fresh water supply and connect a temporary supply of medicated or chlorinated water. The Injection Hose and Tank Connector are included with the station.

Deluxe Pressure Station, 7450-5452

Medication Injection Hose assembly included with deluxe station
Gravity Feed Method
The simplest method of providing water at reduced pressure to your automated watering system is to connect to a supply tank of water suspended higher than the drinking valves. By the force of gravity the water will flow from the tank, through the distribution line to the drinking valves. The higher the tank is above the drinking valves, the higher the water pressure. (Each 14 inches of elevation of the water supply above the drinking valve produces 1/2 psi of water pressure at the drinking valve.) The capacity of the tank and the number of gallons has no effect on the pressure produced in the watering system.

Gravity Feed Method

Installation TIP

Normally a gravity supply tank is mounted 12 - 36 inches above the top row cages. A maximum of 75 drinking valves should be supplied by a gravity supply tank.

Gravity Supply System Kits
Option 1: Tank Connector, 7450-6115-200 or 7450-6115-516

The Tank Connector is designed to connect to the side wall of your water supply tank or pail. It provides an outlet for connecting the 3/16 or 5/16 inch Flex-Tubing and has a shut-off valve and a 142 micron strainer built-in.
You should select a tank with the capacity to hold a 24 hour supply of water for your facility. The tank should not be of excessive capacity because you don't want the water supply to become stagnant. It is best to fill the tank with fresh water each day.
Your tank should have a lid to prevent dirt from falling into the clean water. Be sure the lid does not fit too tightly on the tank as to be air-tight; the tank must be able to draw in air as the water drains out. If the lid is tight, you will need to drill a small vent hole in the side of tank near the top. To install the Tank Connector on your tank drill a 11/16 inch diameter hole in the side of the tank.

Option 2. Storage Tank, 7450-6126
The Storage Tank is a complete gravity supply tank assembly. The tank is a one gallon pail with its own lid. It includes the Tank Connector, 7450-6115-200.

Option 3. Float Tank, 7450-5069-002 or 7450-5069-005
The Float Tank is best described as a self-filling gravity supply tank. The Float tank is equipped with a float valve which keeps the water in the tank at a constant level. This float valve is connected directly to your house water supply.

The Float Tank consists of a one gallon pail and lid, an outlet fitting assembly, a float valve and 10 ft long inlet hose for connecting to your garden hose spigot. A 142 micron strainer is provided in the inlet connection.

Installation TIP If your water supply contains a lot of sediment and this strainer plugs up regularly, you should install the Flushable Filter, 2100-6120-200, (See below) on your supply spigot.

Water Filtration
Flushable Filter, 2100-6120-200

If your water supply contains a heavy load of particulates, the 142 micron washer strainer provided in Edstrom’s water supply equipment will plug quickly and require frequent cleaning. In such cases, it is recommended that the Flushable Filter Unit, 2100-6120-200, be installed on your water supply. The Flushable Filter has an 80 micron cleanable filter cartridge that provides maximum protection to your automated watering system. The filter cartridge can be easily cleaned by opening the valve at the base of the filter bowl and allowing the water to flush the cartridge.
Note:This Flushable Filter is a component of the Pressure Regulator/Filter Stations.

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