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MICROclimate PRIME1 - DIGITAL - 2 Outputs Maximize

MICROclimate PRIME1 - DIGITAL - 2 Outputs

Prime 1 Thermostat - Digital

USB, 2 outputs, 2x600 Watt

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DKK 999,00

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  • 2 x 600 Watt
  • Chose between PULSE, DIMMING og ON/OFF
  • 3 alarms
  • 2 x USB Connection
  • data logging
  • Day and Night Drop
  • Up to 8 different temperature in 24 hours
  • Can control light, humidity.


Data Logging
Data logging is accessed through the computer software. Click the data
logging button at the top of the screen. A list of times and temperatures
for each channel will be displayed. This can be exported to excel or a
similar spreadsheet program to display a graph. In the options menu via
the computer software it is possible to select the data logging period
which controls how often data is logged from the different channels.

There are 3 built in alarms these indicate under temperature, over
temperature and sensor failure. You will be notified by the red led
indicator flashing and an audible tone. On the home screen the display
will indicate on the channel sounding the alarm the warning being issued
flashing between the temp on that channel and either LOW (Low temp),
HIGH (High Temp) or SNSR (Problem detected with sensor). It is possible
to set an alarm delay using the computer software. this is useful when a
big drop in temperature is required for night time mode, delaying the alarm
will prevent a low temp alarm being sounded whilst the viv is heating up to
the daytime temperature. The alarms can also be muted in the options

Min/Max Temperatures
The minimum and maximum temperature settings per channel are the alarm
points that can be setup to alert you to Low and High temperatures. These
can be setup using the computer software or via the channel menu on the

Correct temperature reading
The temperature sensors encased in the black sheaths are very accurate.
Having set the desired temperature on the thermostat and positioned the
sensor in its required location the temperature of the air will be
controlled accurately at the position of the temperature sensor.
The temperature nearer the heater (from the sensor position) will be
hotter and further away from the heater it will be cooler.
Please note that when using a thermometer to check the temperature that
unless it is in exactly the same position as the thermostat sensor there
will be a discrepancy due to the positioning of the thermometer.

Channel Colour Coding
The channels are pre named R (Red) , Y (Yellow) and B (Blue Prime 2 only).
The channel names correspond to the coloured bands on the sensor and
output sockets for easy identification. The channels can be renamed using
the computer software for personalisation of the Prime. The Yellow (& Blue
Prime 2) are the main outputs with the Red output being the secondary

Prime Thermostats
The Prime range of thermostats are at the cutting edge of thermostat
technology using the latest software and hardware to allow the user even
greater control of their vivarium than ever before.
The Prime range allows the user to select control types of Dimming, Pulse or
On/Off and also allows control of non heating/cooling devices for example
lighting or misting equipment.
To add even more flexibility the way the 24 hour period is controlled is
completely user definable with options for a constant temperature
throughout 24hours or options for day/night setting or even up to 8
different temperatures throughout a 24 hour period to allow you to create
an extremely natural environment for you reptile on each channel.
The Prime range have USB built into the unit which allows the user to setup
the thermostat extremely easily, monitor the thermostat from a computer and
pull historical data from the thermostat using the data logging facility. The
computer software can be downloaded from
The Prime range are also fully user updatable via the computer software
that means that when new features become available you can download the
latest software and keep your unit up to date all in a very simple process.