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MICROclimate Mont

MICROclimate Mont

1 x Mounting Bracket

2 x Long Screws for use with B Series, OLED and Evo Lite thermostats

2 x Short screws for use with 1st Generation Evo thermostats.

​Suitable for Microclimate B Series, OLED, EVO Lite and 1st Generation EVO Thermostats

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Mounting Bracket

Fancy mounting your thermostat to the side of your enclosure?

Heres the soloution!

The mounting bracket will easily fix to the back of the following thermostats..

​Dimmer B1, Dimmer B1 HT, Pulse B2, Pulse B2 HT, OLED Dimmer, OLED Pulse, Evo Lite and also the 1st generation EVO (not connected models).

Use the bracket as a template to mark holes on the surface you would like to attach your thermostat too.  Attach suitable fixings to the surface and leave the screws protruding 3 to 5mm.

Then using the included hardware attach the bracket to your thermostat.

This will then allow you to hook your thermostat onto the wall or your vivarium.

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